June 23, 2017
Music Groups Descriptions
St. Martin’s Choir is comprised of thirty-five experienced adult singers,including four professional soloists/section leaders and five choral scholars.The Choir sings a classical repertory, and leads the congregation in robust hymn singing, sensitive Psalm chanting, and a variety of liturgical music a tour 11:00 am service and rehearses on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm.  Contact Dr. Tim O'Brien at
TOBrien@saintmartins.org    if you would like to join.


With a core of keyboards, guitars, percussion and lead vocalists, St. Martin’s contemporary band, Praise Force, runs the gamut of Contemporary, Jazz, Blues,Rock, Hispanic and improvisational styles, supplemented by solo instruments at various times. The band leads the music at our 9:00 am service.  Contact Steve to participate in this group as a singer or instrumentalist - steve.wager@sbcglobal.net  .

St. Martin’s Ringers include the talents of thirteen experienced ringers who play English and Dutch handbells and chimes monthly during worship. They rehearse each Wednesday at 8:30pm.  Contact Dr.Tim O'Brien if you would like to join -  TOBrien@saintmartins.org      

St. Martin’s Symphonic Winds are formed throughout the year from a roster of over fifty instrumentalists, including both members and friends of the parish,who play standard concert band arrangements approximately once a month during our 11:00 a.m. service. Contact David to join – dcross@austin.rr.com  .

Private Instrumental Music Lessons with David Cross are available for flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet,bass clarinet, saxophone, French horn, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba,percussion, electric bass, and piano.  Lessons in arranging and music theory are also available. An Austin-area band director and music arranger for32 years, David also has extensive performance experience with orchestras,concert bands, jazz bands, and drum corps. His private lesson philosophy is student-centered, with the student setting the goals. All lessons are 30minutes in length and take place at St. Martin’s. Contact David for more information: dcross@austin.rr.com   .

Two pipe organs, a 21-rank Romantic-style choir organ by Kilgen, and a 36-rankmechanical-action Baroque-style instrument by Visser-Rowland, support the choir and lead congregational song from the West Gallery of the nave.

Bell Banners ring out in procession on festival days, with teams carrying twelve banners comprised of varying timbres and pitches of bells and chimes.More than 100 members of all ages have served as bell banner carriers over the years.