June 23, 2017
Funerals & Columbarium

We at St. Martin's are available to provide needed assistance to families during their time of grief. We assist in funeral planning and support. Contact our Pastors directly for funeral planning services.  pastor@saintmartins.org

Death and burial complete the circle of earthly life. Appropriately, this final act may be solemnly commemorated in the church and one's remains may be placed in a columbarium.  St. Martin's Columbarium is located in our Chapel.  Columbariums offer family and friends access to the inurnment site of loved ones and assures long-term continuous care as the church is maintained and protected. Columbariums provide uncomplicated arrangement for last affairs at minimal cost.  Inurnment in the columbarium will be available to any member, former member, or ministers who have served at St. Martin's. The cost of a companion niche is $2,000 and contains 2 urns. One non-exclusive niche for 1 urn is $1,000.  For more information contact the church office.  
Columbarium Rules
Inurnment Rights Agreement  

Bereavement Group

The Bereavement Group serves the community with food for the sick and receptions after funerals. Ministry members greet families when they arrive at funeral receptions, and assist them with any physical needs. Those interested in joining this ministry are required to assist in the preparation of food as well as set up, serve the food, and clean up at funeral receptions.