June 23, 2017
Welcome to Worship
St. Martin's responds to God's love through contemporary and traditional styles of worship. We share the Eucharist each week when we gather as a community of faith.  All people, no matter the age, are invited to the table and the baptismal font. St. Martin's members prepare for our time together by serving in roles that make worship here a rich and welcoming experience for the soul. 
9:00 am - Contemporary Worship
11:00 am- Traditional Worship

We envision becoming a thriving, vibrant model of urban Lutheran ministry for the 21 st  century. This lofty vision requires us to ask each day if our goals for worship, learning, and service are clearly reaching a diverse neighborhood and city in language and action that reflect the world as well as our heritage. 

Baptism & Communion: St. Martin's welcomes people of all ages to the communion table and to the waters of baptism. Each time we gather for worship, we celebrate the Lord's Supper, which is shared with all regardless of age, denomination or background.
The Use of the Means of Grace  
Sharing Communion with Children
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